As I sit on my couch this morning watching The Santa Clause and trying to stay warm, my mind is reflecting on the completion of the first semester. We all know that there are ways to summarize our progress through test results, data and other numbers we assign to our students and the classes that we teach.  We could simply look at numbers and determine whether we are successful or not successful. We also know that in this world of working with teenagers and working with people, we can also measure progress in so many different ways besides numbers.  Many times those are as important and sometimes even more important than just looking at data. 

 I have watched our Boyd family celebrate as we kicked off the year with a high level of energy and excitement during our teachers’ academy week. I have watched as after ten years of hard work and adjustments by so many people throughout the years to perfect the process, we had the smoothest opening to our 11th year of being Boyd. I have watched as our world was torn apart by the tragic loss of a Bronco family member and friend.  I have watched as we all muddled through those early days and weeks leaning on each other, supporting our students and opening our hearts to all who were in need.  I have watched as each day we not only teach our students the curriculum, we model for them what being a good, kind person is all about. I have watched as some of our students and staff members fight their own personal battles outside of school. I have watched as so many students, teachers and organizations on our campus served others by donating time, goods and/or money to so many different causes. 

I say all of this because while it may be easy to get caught up in the struggles we have had this semester, I believe we have had so much more good and greatness because of amazing Broncos like you.  I took a picture of the sign above while shopping the other day  I truly believe those are the only two options that we have and both make us stronger and better in everything that we do.  I also believe both are important and you cannot have one without the other. 

Please take time to rest and relax these next two weeks.  Enjoy your time off, enjoy your families (even if some of them do look like Cousin Eddie!) and most of all take time to rejuvenate. We need you back rested and ready for a fabulous 2nd semester! I appreciate every single one of you and I am truly blessed to walk this journey besides all of you each and every day. 

Go Broncos,

Dr. Peirson